ANGEL’S LOMI HOUSE in Lemery: Restaurant Menu

Angel’s Lomi House is a roadside eatery located at Mataas na Bayan in Lemery, Batangas. You need to drive slowly to spot it as the signage is not easy to spot. The facade has a dark beige/yellowish paint that continues inside the restaurant.

The interior has walls that have alternating tones of yellow paint and floor with dark tiles. The ceiling is textured with the same color as the walls. The place is not air-conditioned but there are wall fans, and the windows are plenty. The hero products are the lomi special and pansit bihon, but the menu also includes rice meals and snacks. For delivery service inquiry, contact this number: (0905) 886 6239.

How to Get There

From City Center:

Ride a Calaca/Balayan-bound jeepney at Caltex gasoline station near San Roque Parish Church. Tell the driver to drop you off at Angel’s Lomi House. The fare is ₱12.

Alternatively, you may hire a tricycle near the San Roque Parish Church. The fare for the special ride is ₱80.


From Bus Terminal:

From Manila, board a bus (DLTB or Jam Bus) bound for Lemery. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the bus terminal or at Xentro Mall. From either point, hire a tricycle to get you to Angel’s Lomi House. The fare for the special ride is ₱70.

Alternatively, you may also take a Calaca or Balayan-bound jeepney near DLTB Bus terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off at Angel’s Lomi House at Barangay Mataas na Bayan in Lemery. The fare is ₱10.


Short Order


  • Regular – ₱35.00
  • Special – ₱60.00
  • Jumbo – ₱80.00
  • Jumbo Special – ₱110.00
  • Barkada Size (good for 8-10 persons) – ₱300.00

  • Bihon – ₱60.00
  • Miki – ₱60.00
  • Mix – ₱60.00
  • Canton – ₱70.00
  • Sotanghon – ₱70.00

Bilao Size

Small Size (bihon, miki or mix) – ₱350.00
Medium Size (bihon, miki or mix) – ₱550.00

Small Size (canton, sotanghon,canton bihon or palabok) – ₱500.00
Medium Size (canton,sotanghon,canton bihon or palabok) – ₱850.00

Rice Meals

Tapsilog – ₱50.00
Hotsilog – ₱50.00
Tocilog – ₱50.00
Goto – ₱50.00

Extra Rice

Plain – ₱10.00
Garlic Rice – ₱15.00



  • 4 pcs- ₱20.00
  • Per box – ₱190.00

Nachos – ₱50.00
Ube – ₱60.00
Siomai – ₱20.00
Siopao – ₱10.00
Fries – ₱20.00

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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