The months from January to May are ideal times to visit as these are still within the country’s dry season. Expect clear skies and sunshine most days. This is the best time to go beach bumming, swimming, relaxing and any related activity; you’ll have more freedom to do what you want. You won’t have to worry about rainy days ruining your plans. Pictures will also look great during this season because the skies are blue. You might not even be able to tell the difference between the sea and the sky.

You can also bring your own camping gear such as tents and cooking equipment; some resorts provide a space to pitch for a fee. Looking for people to share a tricycle with to get in and out of the area is also easier because more people are traveling. This is good to know for solo travelers who want to save some money.

The months from March to May are within summer season, meaning crowds may come because most students are on vacation and employees file their leaves. If you plan to visit during these months, avoid going during holidays and weekends. The large crowds may turn off some and take away the beach’s natural appeal. The few accommodations get fully booked faster during this period, so plan whether you want to camp or stay in a room. Make reservations weeks ahead (if possible) to avoid worrying about your lodging.

From January to February, most of the beaches are still beautiful, but not as many people compared to traveling in the summer.

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