LOTS’A PIZZA in Lian: Restaurant Menu

Lots’a Pizza is a popular food franchise. It has numerous stalls, carts, kiosks, and store branches nationwide; one of them is located at Centro, Barangay Matabungkay in Lian, Batangas. The facade has the usual rectangular signage. A hanging banner and posters of products and promos greet customers. It has a small gate leading to an outdoor dining area with two sets of tables and chairs.

As you enter through the glass door, you will be greeted by the staff behind the counter, located at the opposite side of the front door. There are two more sets of tables and chairs inside. Some parts of the walls are painted off-white, while others are covered with vinyl wall panels in dark wooden texture finish.

It obviously specializes in pizzas, and the bestsellers are Hawaiian Delight and Manhattan Special. For delivery service inquiries, you may contact the management at 0956 662 9626 and 0949 141 3131.

Official Facebook Page: Lots’a Pizza Matabungkay

How to Get There

From City Center:

Coming from Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, take a tricycle to Lian Jeepney Terminal. The fare is ₱20. Ride a jeepney to Calatagan. Alight at the intersection where you can ride a tricycle to Matabungkay Beach. You can ask the driver to drop you off. The jeepney fare is ₱25. From the intersection, ride a tricycle to the restaurant. The fare is ₱30.


From Bus Terminal:

Coming from Pasay or Cubao, board a bus to Calatagan or Nasugbu. Alight at the intersection to Lian or ask the conductor/driver to drop you off. The bus fare is around ₱180. From the intersection, take a tricycle to Lots’a Pizza. The fare is ₱30.



Bacon Blaze
M – ₱249.00 / L – ₱189.00 / XL – ₱249.00
Double Whammy
M – ₱249.00 / L – ₱189.00 / XL – ₱249.00
Roast Beef n’ Cheese
M – ₱249.00 / L – ₱189.00 / XL – ₱249.00
Garden Harvest
M – ₱249.00 / L – ₱189.00 / XL – ₱249.00


Manhattan De Luxe – ₱319.00
Hawaiian Extreme – ₱279.00
Pure Beef Supreme – ₱279.00

Best Sellers

Great Manhattan
L – ₱255.00 / XL – ₱309.00
Hawaiian Delight
M – ₱175.00 / L – ₱205.00 / XL – ₱265.00
Pure Beef Special
M – ₱175.00 / L – ₱205.00 / XL – ₱265.00
Pepperoni n’ Mushroom
M – ₱175.00 / L – ₱205.00 / XL – ₱265.00


Mountain Dew
250ml slim can, 330ml can, 1.25l
Premier Purified Drinking Water


Spaghetti – ₱49.00
Carbonara – ₱59.00
Baked Macaroni – ₱59.00

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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