One of the municipalities of Batangas nearest Manila, situated next to Cavite, Nasugbu had the early taste of development, especially its shores. Water-related activities are aplenty in Nasugbu; there are beaches where you can swim, snorkel, go beach camping, try cliff diving, and do island hopping. Moreover, the beaches lined with different kinds of accommodations, particularly the high-end ones, offer different beach experiences. Some of them provide spa services, while others also have rent out jet skis, banana boats, paddle boats, floating cottages, and even inflatable island!

Aside from the public beaches, there are also those coves and beaches tucked inside the exclusive seaside villages, which can only be accessed by renting out properties from the owners or members. Aside from the beaches, there are also mountains to hike such as Mt. Batulao and Mt. Talamitam. Here are some of the things you can do in Nasugbu.

Most of the places listed below and other attractions in Nasugbu can easily be reached from the town proper. For more details on how you can get to the town proper, see it here: How to Get to Nasugbu from Manila.

Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao is perfect for first-time hikers, but not without challenging them. The picturesque view of the rolling slopes while you scale the mountain will make the climb and the sweat worth it. You can take either the Old Trail or the New Trail or both. The hike can take two to four hours, depending on your pace. The jumping-off point is the Evercrest Golf Course, just a few minutes away from the Batangas-Cavite boundary.

Mt. Talamitam

Mt. Talamitam is relatively easier compared to Mt. Batulao, but the climb can be hard during summer when the sun is high because there are few trees for shade. The way to the peak can be challenging because of the steep assault, especially if you take the short route. The hike can take an hour and a half to two and a half hours. The jumping-off point is Sitio Bayabasan in Barangay Aga, also known as KM 83.

Fortune Island

Fortune Island is once an exclusive private luxury resort, much like what Balesin is today. But because there is no ready source of fresh water, it ceased its operations in 2006 due to the difficult and costly maintenance. Still, the island attracts curious people to its bosom, letting them have a taste of its past splendor through the Acropolis-inspired ruins, greeting revelers as their boats approach the island.

Apart from swimming, cliff diving, and beach camping, diving is another activity that you can enjoy here as the island is surrounded by shipwreck diving spots. The jump-off point for Fortune Island is Fortune Island Resort; from the town center, you can ride a tricycle near Jollibee to the resort. If you are bringing a car, the resort is located in Barangay Wawa. Read more: Fortune Island

Calayo Beach

Calayo Beach is originally a fishing village which eventually transformed into a public beach lined with the budget to mid-range accommodations. Its sand is fine and light brown in color. The beach is the usual jump-off point to other beaches, nearby islands and coves such as Bituin Cove, Pulo Island, and Kayraang Cove. Before you reach the beach, you have to pay an Environmental fee of P20 per person. From the Nasugbu town proper, you can hire a tricycle to take you to Barangay Calayo for around P300. Travel time from the town proper to Calayo is approximately 45 minutes. If you are coming from Cavitex by private car, you will reach Barangay Calayo before the town center, so you don’t have to go all the way there unless you need to buy something.

Pulo Island

Pulo Island, also known as Loren Island, is privately-owned, but it is open to the public for a minimal entrance fee of P25 per head. The more popular portion is the small pocket of sand with gentler waves, but it tends to get crowded during peak season. You can opt to stay on the much quieter and spacious beach just beside that cove. However, the waves can be strong here and some parts of the shore are dotted with huge stones and pebbles.

Bituin Cove

Bituin Cove, also known as Angara Cove, is also privately-owned. Like Pulo Island, it is also open to the public. If Loren Island is popular among locals and daytrippers, Bituin Cove attracts campers. You may bring your own tent or you can rent there. You can also bring your own snorkeling gear. There’s a small stall selling snacks, but it’s best to bring your own food. Please observe proper garbage disposal.

Entrance Fee: P25
Tent Rental: P300
Camping Fee: P100

Kayraang Cove

This cove is part of a big real estate company, so boats cannot dock on the beach. BUT you can still enjoy chilling in the shallow water while your boatmen wait for you. This is normally not part of the island hopping tours offered, but if you want to include this, the boatmen may take you there for an additional fee.

Tali Beach

Tali Beach is known among the locals. Tali Beach is basically one whole exclusive seaside subdivision in Nasugbu, so it has less crowd. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the beaches or go cliff jumping. You cannot get in unless you know someone or you are a homeowner. The good news is that most of the property there are rest houses, so some of the owners rent out their property. You can contact them directly and book in advance before going there. Walk-ins are not encouraged. You can also contact an agency that will arrange the trip for your group.

Layag-Layag Beach

Layag-layag beach is a rising beach destination in Nasugbu. Located in Barangay Papaya, locals flock to the beach to douse the heat and unwind. Recently, beachgoers from Manila are discovering this laidback beach spot. You can pitch your tent here, go cliff jumping, snorkel, and watch the sunset.

Caleruega Chapel

Caleruega Chapel or Transfiguration Chapel is a favorite wedding venue because of its idyllic ambiance. Perched on a hill, surrounded by colorful flowers, it poses a warm and romantic setting. It’s also a popular retreat destination. Because of its location, the place offers a view of the towns below. You can never miss Mt. Batulao from this vantage point too!

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