Batangas is often atop itineraries whenever people plan their weekend or holiday getaway. The province is an easy choice because of its varied tourism destinations. Whether you are looking for cultural heritage or natural attractions, Batangas probably has one you can visit. Many make their way to this part of the Philippines to visit the beaches or hike the mountains. Nature lovers take it up a notch and skip the hotels and resorts; they decide to bring their own food, equipment, and tent to rough it out.

The province’s developed tourism allows visitors to camp safely and to get up to a certain level of comfort. These are some of the camping spots in Batangas. There are places for those who want to pitch a tent in the mountains or the beach.

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Photo by Astrid Alvarez

This beach is a fun place to visit because of the extra activities you can do. It is possible to go on a day trip, but you’ll have to leave Manila as early as 5 AM or even 4 AM. It is better to camp to give yourself more time to enjoy your visit. Bring your own tent to save money. The beach area has a free toilet and bath for visitors. You can rent a boat for island hopping with a sand bar and Starfish Island as stops. Drop by the Punta de Santiago Lighthouse or go on a day trip to Stilts Calatagan during your visit. There’s a grilling station for cooking food and bathroom for toilet and shower use.

Fees: P250 (overnight fee); P200 – P900 (campsite fee, depending on the size of the tent); P500 (tent rental for up to three persons); P250 (table and chairs rental); P50 (electric stove rental); P50 (rice cooker rental)

Mount Batulao

Photo by Astrid Alvarez

Batulao is a favorite hike across the experience spectrum. The trails are straightforward and the views of the verdant rolling hills make the trip worthwhile. Some trekkers settle for a day trip (the hike is beginner-friendly), but others prefer spending the night in the mountains. The campsite has enough room to pitch a tent and have a comfortable night gazing at the stars and watching the sunrise and sunset. Make your way to Batulao after lunch so you don’t have to wait long to see the sunset and bring fewer things to the campsite. Note that you can’t pitch a tent just anywhere there is a specific campsite for overnight trips. Toilet and shower facilities are located near the registration area.

Fees: P200 (registration); P1,000 (overnight guide fee); P10 (toilet use); P25/pail (for shower)

Fortune Island

Do you want to feel like you’re on a Greek island? Fortune Island provides you with experience close to it. The island has columns left behind by its previous owner, giving the place a distinct ambiance. The island is also a popular camping destination. The air is fresh, the sea a deep blue color, and the beach beautiful. Go cliff diving to get your adrenaline pumping, wade in the waters, or just relax by the shore. Note that there are no toilets and baths. You can do that at the resort on the mainland. There are cottages for rent.

Fees: P500/person (overnight entrance fee); P2,000 (cottage rental); P500 (tent rental overnight); P200 (placing charge overnight)

Mount Gulugod Baboy

Photo by Astrid Alvarez

Batangas is home to many day hikes, which makes the province a go-to destination for nature lovers who want a brief getaway from the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. One of the mountains often on top of the lists is Mount Gulugud Baboy. The hike is easy and straightforward, there is also a paved section. The views are scenic with hills, green as far as you could see, and the sea. If you have time, you could include a trip to the beach. Some nature lovers prefer staying longer than a few hours. You can bring your tent, meals and camping gear, and spend a night at the campsite. Those that do so are rewarded with a beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can pitch a tent near the summit, but the winds get stronger once you go higher. Choose your campsite wisely. Toilet facilities and a sari-sari store are located near the summit.

Fees: P30 (registration at jump-off); P30 (registration at camping grounds); P500 (guide fee, optional)

Bituin Cove

Located in Nasugbu Batangas, Bituin Cove is an ideal spot to go beach camping. The clear turquoise waters will entice you to take a dip and get a tan. Get some peace and quiet at night while you see the stars come out. There’s no toilet or bath.

Fees: P50 (entrance fee); P100 (camping fee); P300 (tent rental); P300 (open cottage); P20 (environmental fee Calayo or Papaya Beach jump-off area)

Mount Maculot

Photo by Astrid Alvarez

You have plenty of options when it comes to looking for a mountain campsite in Batangas. One to consider adding to your list is Mount Maculot. This hike is a popular day trip from Manila, but it also has a campsite where you can pitch your tent in. You can follow the trails that lead to the summit, grotto, or the rockies. Most hikers go to either the summit or rockies. The latter provides beautiful views of the surroundings which make it a popular choice for beginners. There’s a bathroom near the grotto.

Fees: P20 (registration); P100/person (tent rental); P800 (guide fee to the campsite for up to five persons) + additional P100/person (guide fee from camping grounds to summit)

Verde Island

This beautiful island is a must-visit when you plan a trip to Batangas. The shore may be coarse and not as white as its counterparts in Palawan and Boracay, but it is still fetching to look at. Some resorts allow visitors to pitch a tent; they’ll charge a fee for camping. Chill or go swimming at Mahabang Buhangin or explore the island to see the different barangays.

Fees: P25 – P100 (entrance fee depending on the resort); P100 – P200 (camping fee depending on the resort)

Mount Manabu

Photo c/o Astrid Alvarez

Mount Manabu is another easy hike in Batangas that is easily accessible from Metro Manila. Reaching the summit takes only a few hours from the jump-off point. There are a handful of rest stops, making it a relaxing trip regardless of your fitness level and hiking experience. The forested trail provides shade and respite from the heat. The trek is pleasant even if you’re carrying a tent and camp gear. Technically you can relieve yourself anywhere, but please do it discreetly. There are stations where you can rest during the hike.

Fees: P20 (registration); P1,250 (overnight guide fee)

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