WHERE TO GO HIKING IN BATANGAS: 10 Beginner-Friendly Mountains

Batangas is a beautiful province with several beaches lining its coast and mountains towering over its towns. If you love nature, this province is a haven. Its mountains are easy to reach and some are possible as day hikes. These peaks provide fetching bird’s eye views of the surrounding hills, the coast or the fields. There are also camping grounds where you can spend the night to watch the majestic sunset and sunrise.

These mountains are easily accessible whether you are driving your own car or going by public transportation. They are also budget-friendly destinations where you’ll spend approximately P1,000 or less. If you want to go hiking in Batangas, here are the mountains to consider.


Photo by Astrid Alvarez

Batulao is one of the most popular mountains in Batangas because of its accessibility (by public and private transportation) and its beauty. The rolling hills and rock formations are nothing short of spectacular. The gradual ascents and descents make the trails easy and scenic for both beginners and more experienced hikers. You can also bring camping gear and spend the night in the mountain. Depending on your fitness level and experience, you can finish the hike in half a day.


Photo by Astrid Alvarez

If you are looking for another leisurely trail, Mt. Talamitam is an ideal option. The trail is easy with a gradual ascent. The hike to the summit is steep but still manageable. There’s isn’t much shade so wear long sleeves and a cap or apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn. The views of the fields below and the mountains and hills in the distance is worth the effort. Breathe in the fresh air and take plenty of photos.

Pico de Loro

Photo c/o Astrid Alvarez

This famous mountain straddles the boundaries of Cavite and Batangas. The trail is scenic and is difficult in some parts. You might have to use your hands to go up or down the rugged paths. The views are worth the effort, especially once you reach the higher levels where you’ll see the recognizable stone monolith rising over the surroundings. Make your way up to its peak to get 360 views. Start early if you don’t want to make the descent during sunset and in the dark.


Photo by Astrid Alvarez

Located in Cuenca, Mt. Maculot is a popular hike in Batangas because of the views it provides and relatively easy trail. You have the option to go up to the summit, Rockies or grotto. The summit and Rockies offer stop-and-stare moments because of the views of Taal Lake and Volcano. The Rockies is lower than the summit but it is a popular destination nonetheless. Some stop at the Rockies and are satisfied with the views it offers. You can finish the hike in half a day depending on your pace.


Photo c/o Astrid Alvarez

Batangas has many easy day hikes regardless of your experience and fitness level; Mt Manabu is one of them. This mountain rises to 760m high and has an easy trail that leads to its summit. The fresh air is refreshing especially if you live and work in the city five days a week. You can reach the summit in approximately 2 hours depending on how fast you are going. The huge cross is the marker that indicates you’ve reached the summit. You’ll also find a campsite in the area, you can pitch a tent here if you want to spend the night.

Gulugod Baboy

Photo by Astrid Alvarez

Mount Gulugod Baboy is located in Anilao, Mabini. The usual jump-off point is Philpan Dive Resort. The start of the trail is an inclined concrete road. It’s a relatively easy hike with several rest stops where you can also buy drinks. From the summit, you can see Maricaban Strait, Maricaban Islands, Sombrero Island, Balayan bay, and Batangas Bay among others. For those who want to spend the night here, there’s a designated place for camping. For those who are just on a day trip, you can take a quick dip in one of the resorts lining the jump-off point.


Rising just over 520m above sea level, Pinagbanderahan in Anilao provides stunning views of Balayan Bay. The trail is beginner-friendly with scenic views of the countryside. Take your time navigating the rough road and soak in the fresh air. The mountain is a good introduction (much like Batulao on this list) to hiking.


Mount Lobo’s jump-off point is Barangay Nagtaluntong in Lobo. The mountain has gently rolling slopes that are easy to scale for first-time hikers. The mountain has rich flora and fauna and the peaks offer various viewpoints of Batangas, Verde Island Passage, and other distant mountains. It has a designated area for camping for those who want to spend the night here.


At about 560m elevation, Mt. Tibig in Lobo is an ideal choice for a leisurely hike and day out. You can finish the hike in half a day. Your reward is scenic views of the countryside and surrounding hills and mountains. Take your time, soak in the views and enjoy the chill vibe of the province.


Explore the woods and mountain near the coast with a visit to Mt. Daguldol. Located in San Juan, this mountain is an excellent addition to your itinerary before or after you visit Laiya’s beach. The sea breeze is refreshing after spending almost an entire week in the big city. The gradual ascent of the trail is easy for every hiker. Take your time and enjoy the views.

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