It is very common for tourists that visit Taal Volcano to merely visit it from afar, oftentimes from Tagaytay viewpoints. But for those who want to take the adventure closer to the crater, getting there would take an extra boat ride and some hiking around the site.

Coming from Metro Manila:

  1. Take a bus bound for Batangas.
  2. Get off at Tanauan City Proper.
  3. If you are planning to hire a boat from Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC), you can ride a jeepney from Tanauan City Proper to Sampaloc as this will pass by in front of the club. You will find it on the ride side of the road. You can also take a jeepney in Tanauan City to Talisay Town Proper.
  4. From the club port, you can hire a boat for the price of P1,900.00, with maximum capacity of five passengers.

Taal Lake Yacht Club also offers baggage security for your belongings while you are trekking, and provides well equipped boats and life jackets.

Alternatively, you may also find other boat rentals in Talisay or even from other areas in Tagaytay for cheaper price. Rates go from P1,500.00 or less. There will also be charged an additional tourism fee of P50.00, collected by the local government.

When you reach the island, know that you will need to hike to reach the summit and other viewpoints, so remember to wear light clothes plus proper trekking footwear, put on some sunscreen, and bring enough water to fully enjoy the hike up and back. You may find some locals offering horse rides to aid you with the trek, to and from the peak, for P500.00.

There are few vendors that also sell drinks at the ridge, and you can find some benches to rest on while you enjoy the wonderful panorama of the crater lake. Please be reminded also that sulfur gas that is present in the area has a very foul odor so you may want to bring a mask if you think you will need it.