Matabungkay is a village found in the west coast of Lian town in Batangas province. It faces the West Philippine Sea. A once simple fishing village, it has light gray sand that sparkles beautifully under the sun.

It is believed that some German tourists “discovered” the village, marking it as their favorite beach getaway in the 1950’s. Since then, Matabungkay slowly became popular among the tourists, including people living in Manila, due to its close proximity and easy accessibility. It is currently filled with both affordable and high-cost resorts, floating huts, stores, and other local businesses that have been created since its development as one of the busiest beach resorts in Batangas. Sadly, there is an evident need of establishing and maintaining an effective waste management program in the village, for the plight of irresponsible tourists through the years has made scattered trash on some parts of the shore a regular sight. So better if you could bring your own garbage bags as needed and dispose your own trash properly.

How to get there

  • If taking public transportation: Just take a van or bus bound for Calatagan or Lian at Edsa-Taft terminal (near Metropoint Mall). Ask to be dropped off at the junction that leads to Matabungkay. From there, take a tricycle that will bring you to the beach.
  • If you are driving your own vehicle, from Manila, take the South Luzon Express Way (SLEX), Exit Sta. Rosa, then take Silang-Tagaytay Highway and continue until you reach the Batangas-Cavite border. Find the Nasugbu Arc where you must turn right. When you reach the Shell Gas Station, turn left, heading towards Lian or Calatagan. Continue driving until you see the Matabungkay sign, on the right side of the road. Travel time is about two hours, depending on traffic.