Lian is a coastal town in the province of Batangas. It is divided into 19 barangays. Its neighboring towns are Nasugbu, Tuy, Balayan, and Calatagan. Even before the Spanish era, Chinese traders were already conducting business in coastal towns of Southern Tagalog; Batangas was one of the busiest trading ports.

It is said that Lian got its name from one of the Chinese traders, Li-An. According to one story, the Spaniards came to the barrio of San Diego, which is a barangay in Lian at present, and asked Li-An the name of the town. Mistaking that it was his name they were asking, the Chinese trader gave them his name — Li-An. Before it officially became a municipality, it used to be a barangay under the jurisdiction of Nasugbu. Through time, it had proven worthy of the township.

Matabungkay Beach put Lian on the map as a tourist destination in Batangas. It had its glory days during the ’50s until the early ’90s. During these times, it’s THE place to be for family, group, and company outings. The fine light-colored sand carpeting the shore became one of its selling points. Eventually, Matabungkay Beach came to be known for its numerous floating bamboo raft cottages, locally known as balsa. The town annually holds its Balsa Festival in May. As for the town fiesta, it is held on June 24 to celebrate its patron saint’s (John the Baptist) birthday.

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