NIK-NIK PIZZA HAUS & KITCHENETTE in Mabini: Restaurant Menu

Nik-Nik Pizza Haus & Kitchenette is located at the town center, just across the St. Francis of Paola Parish Church in Mabini, Batangas. The facade is painted with the yellow, orange, and a bit of red. The interior has neutral colors; the ceiling is textured.

Although the name suggests Italian food choices, it serves mostly Filipino dishes; the most popular among the customers are the sweet and spicy ribs and the kalderetang kambing. It caters to friends and colleagues or just eating out with the family. For delivery and catering inquiries, you may contact the management at these numbers: (043) 487 0734, (043) 410 0157, and (0920) 903 5587.

How to Get There

From City Center:

From the town center of Mabini, your landmark would be the St. Francis of Paola Parish Church. The restaurant is just across the church.


From Bus Terminal:

From Manila, get on a bus (Jam Liner, JAC or Alps) bound for Batangas City Bus Terminal. The fare ranges from ₱140 to ₱160. Alight at Batangas City Grand Terminal and take a jeepney to Mabini. Alight at St. Francis of Paola Parish Church. The fare is ₱40. The restaurant is just across the church.


Rice Meals

Fried Chicken – ₱89.00
Sweet & Spicy Ribs – ₱95.00
Chopsuey – ₱95.00
Pork Sisig – ₱95.00
Lumpiang Shanghai – ₱85.00
Breaded Pork – ₱95.00
Kalderetang Kambing – ₱135.00

Fried Rice Meals

Tosilog – ₱95.00
Longsilog – ₱95.00
Tapsilog – ₱105.00
Chicksilog – ₱105.00
Bangsilog – ₱105.00

Charap Meals
(with rice and pansit)

Fish Fillet
Lechon Kawali
Fried Chicken
Crispy Pusit

Vegetable Meals
(with chopsuey)

Crispy Pusit
Fish Fillet
Bangus ala Pobre
Chicken BBQ


Carbonara – ₱107.00
Single – ₱52.00
Platter – ₱104.00

Pasta & Chicken

Spaghetti Chicken – ₱109.00
Carbonara Chicken – ₱145.00
Palabok Chicken – ₱140.00


Crispy Noodles – ₱104.00
Palabok – ₱98.00
(s) – ₱85.00 / (l) – ₱160.00
(s) – ₱85.00 / (l) – ₱160.00
(s) – ₱85.00 / (l) – ₱160.00
Lomi – ₱55.00
Mami Pork/Beef – ₱65.00


Platter – ₱109.00
Large – ₱65.00
Regular – ₱47.00


Fish Fillet
Crispy Pusit
Grilled Fish
Bangus ala Pobre
Sinigang na Isda
Sinigang na Hipon
Garlic Tomato Sauce


Fried Chicken
Chicken w/ Lemon Sauce
Pork Sisig
Lumpia Shanghai
Sweet & Spicy Ribs
Shredded Pork
Lechon Kawali
Crispy Pata
Sinigang Baboy
Kalderetang Kambing

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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