The municipality of Mabini is flanked by Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay. The name might not ring a bell, but the more popularly known Anilao has put Mabini on a map as one of the famous diving destinations in the Philippines. Most of the resorts lining the coasts of Mabini are located in Anilao. More often than not, these resorts function as diving centers where they offer intro courses for first-time divers and also diving tour packages to the professional ones.

Anilao is also the jump-off point to other beach destinations like the Masasa Beach in Tingloy and the Sombrero Island. Aside from the water activities, hiking is also possible here. The popular one is the Mount Gulugod-Baboy, which offers the view of the Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay. If you are seeking more adventure, you can do both hiking and island-hopping in Anilao. You just need to secure a boat before you start your hike, so when you finally descend, the boat will be ready. There are resorts near the mountain’s jump-off point, so you can just negotiate the rate and the time.

Due to the popularity of diving and snorkeling, commercial establishments such as resorts abound, including restaurants. The resorts normally offer food services, but if you want to explore other dishes and specialties in Mabini, here’s a list of some of the food establishments in town.

Note: The list is chiefly for directory and reference purposes only. Please give us a heads up for other restaurants that we missed or those that have just opened for business.

Akira Restaurant

Balibaguhan Lomi Haus

Foodtrip for Every Juan

Frido’s Grill & Resto

Kapitan Bawang’s Grill & Restaurant

Nik-Nik Pizza Haus & Kitchenette

Prab Foodhaus

Seoul Samgyeopsal Restaurant

Tres Kumpadres

Top Anilao Resorts

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa

Vivere Azure Resort

Camp Netanya Resort and Spa

Bambu Villa Resort

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