BATANGAS CHURCH: St. Francis of Paola Parish Church (Mass Schedule + How to Get There)

Mabini is a coastal town in Batangas. In fact, it is sandwiched and hemmed by two bays — Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay. It shares a border with the town of Bauan. The town is one of those in the province that underwent development much earlier than the others. Anilao put Mabini on the map as a prime tourist destination near Manila, especially for those who are into diving and snorkeling.

The shores of Mabini might be quite rugged compared to the fine sand of other coastal towns but its treasures are found beyond the shore and under the waters. It is one of the popular diving sites in the Philippines. The town is also the jump-off point to the island municipality of Tingloy.

As most, if not all, towns in the Philippines, it has several chapels and two churches; one of them is St. Francis of Paola Parish Church. The church is located in Poblacion, along the National Road (Mabini Circumferential Road) and beside Plaza Mabini. The Mabini Municipal Hall is located just behind the church.

Mass Schedule and Other Info

For those who want to attend mass here, the schedules are as follows:

  • M-Sat – 6:00 AM
  • Sunday – 5:30 AM / 7:00 AM / 4:00 PM

FIESTA: The church celebrates its fiesta day on April 2.

CHURCH WEDDING RATE: The church is also a possible wedding venue. Here are the rates:

  • Ordinary Wedding: P4,850 (each pair)
  • Special Wedding: P8,250

How to Get There

  1. There are many bus companies plying the Manila-Batangas route such as Jam Liner, ALPS, and JAC Liner. From Buendia or Cubao terminal, take the bus going to Batangas City. The fare is P140-160 and travel time is two to three hours, depending on the traffic condition.
  2. Get off at the Batangas Grand Bus Terminal and take a jeepney to Mabini. Tell the driver to drop you off at St. Francis of Paola Church or the Mabini Municipal Hall. The fare is P40.

Attractions Near the Church

  • Try the Batangas lomi after your church visit.
  • If you are into hiking, you can climb Mount Gulugod-Baboy and marvel at the picturesque view of the surrounding areas, nearby islands, Balayan Bay, and Batangas Bay.
  • Go swimming, snorkeling or diving (or learn the basic). There are many diving resorts in Mabini offering intro diving if you are interested to learn scuba diving.
  • Go to Masasa Beach in Tingloy and/or visit Sombrero Island. The nearest jump-off point is from the southern barangays like Bagalangit and Anilao.
  • You may also visit Taal Basilica in Taal, Batangas. It is the largest Catholic church in the Philippines and Asia.

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