Close to the archeological site where the famous San Diego Ship Wreck containing significant artifacts was found, is the Fortune Island, lying on Nasugbu Bay in Batangas. It is also known to have hosted the first recorded naval battle between European tropps in Southeast Asia region.


Our Lady of Caysasay Shrine is located in Barangay Labac in Taal, Batangas, beside the Pansipit River, near Taal Basilica. The chapel was built to honor the image of Virgin Mary that was believed to have made miracles and apparitions. The word “caysaysay” came from the “casay-casay” (kingfishers) birds, which

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Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Faro de Cabo de Santiago), or simply known as Calatagan Lighthouse, is one of the two historical lighthouses built in Batangas during the Spanish period, named after Don Santiago Zobel, the one who donated the land where it stands. Constructed in the town of Calatagan in 1890,

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