CHEZ DEO RISTORANTE ITALIANO in Balayan: Restaurant Menu

Chez Deo Ristorante Italiano is located at 117 Fe Street in Balayan, Batangas. The restaurant is an old Spanish-era house that has been transformed into a dining place. The facade has a wide red wall with black-painted metal grills and gate. From the street, you will see the two-story house and adjacent to it is a covered dining area extension. The predominant colors are red and black, accented by the green colors of the plants, trees, and grass. You will know that it’s a restaurant because of the lamp banner and panaflex signage. There’s also a branding on the red-painted staircase wall.

There’s a couple of menu board at dining area extension where you can also view the ground floor dining space through a wide wooden window. The interior for both the first and second level is mostly made of wood and native building materials — floor (second level), walls, doors, dividers, and ceiling. The tables and chairs are made of wood too, reminiscent of Italian restaurants.

Chez Deo’s specialty is Italian food, with Carbonara, Agli Olio Pepperoncino, and steaks as the most popular in the menu. For delivery and catering services, you may contact the management at (043) 211 6868, 0927 306 4774, and 0908 160 8518. The restaurant accepts credit card transaction.

Operation Hour: 10 AM – 11 PM
Official Facebook Page: Chez Deo Ristorante Italiano

How to Get There

From City Center:

You may ride a tricycle near Immaculate Conception Parish Church and tell the driver to drop you off at Chez Deo. The fare is ₱15.


From Bus Terminal:

Coming from Pasay, board a San Agustin bus to Balayan. Alight at the bus terminal. From the bus terminal, ride a tricycle to Chez Deo. The tricycle fare is ₱10.

Alternatively, you can ride a bus going to Nasugbu, then get off at Palico. From there, ride a jeepney to Balayan. Another way is to board a bus to Lemery, then ride a jeepney to Balayan.



Onion Rings (deep fried onion coated in our homemade onion breading, served with tomato ketchup) – ₱150.00

Potato Wedges (crispy potato wedges topped with bacon bits served with honey mustard mayo dip) – ₱170.00

Bruschetta (crispy rustic bread top with chopped basil, tomato, onion drizzle with olive oil) – ₱170.00

Calamari Fritti (deep fried marinated squid coated in garlic & spice breading served with mustard & garlic aioli) – ₱220.00

Mozzarella Fritto (deep fried mozzarella coated in herb crumbs served with fresh tomato concasse) – ₱250.00

Sundried Tomato, Olive & Cheese (marinated olives & sundried tomato & cubes of cheese on a bed of salad) – ₱250.00


Stracciatella |egg drop soup| (chicken broth, egg, parsley, mushroom served with crusty bread) – ₱180.00

Grilled Tomato & Basil Soup (grilled plum tomato, Pomodoro sauce fresh basil & garlic served with crusty bread drizzled with olive oil) – ₱180.00

Bacon & Potato Soup (toasted bacon, mashed potato, cream sauce, yogurt & parsley) – ₱200.00

Onion Soup (caramelized onion, vegetable stocks, herbs, crusty bread, melted gruyere cheese) – ₱200.00

Zuppa De Mare (mixed seafood, chopped penne pasta, marble potato, fresh tomato, lemon & French fries beans) – ₱220.00


Insalata Bravo (mixed salad leaves, cherry tomato, toss in balsamic with crispy bacon bits, topped with a soft boiled egg) – ₱230.00

Insalata Cesare (romaine lettuce in our homemade cesare dressing top with crispy bacon croutons & parmesan cheese) – ₱230.00

Insalata Greca (mixed salad leaves, chunky cucumber, fresh tomato, olives, oregano, feta cheese in Greek salad dressing) – ₱230.00

Insalata Delo Chef (mixed salad leaves, carrots, balsamic onion confit, walnuts, sundried tomato topped with shredded mozzarella & ranch dressing) – ₱230.00

Tonno Nizzarda (tuna flakes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves, olives, dry herbs, fresh tomato & hardboiled egg toss in our house dressing) – ₱230.00

Tomato Based Pasta

Roasted Aubergine Pasta (spaghetti pasta in garlic, red onion, fresh tomato, roasted eggplant topped with mozzarella cheese & parsley) – ₱200.00

Pasta Napolitana (spaghetti pasta in fresh tomato, basil mozzarella in light tomato sauce) – ₱220.00

Pasta Arabiata Spicy (pasta in garlic olive, fresh chili, pomodoro sauce topped with chili flakes) – ₱220.00

Pasta Amatriciana (spaghetti pasta in bacon, tomato & onion, grilled aubergine, basil) – ₱220.00

Pasta Alla Cartoccio (spaghetti pasta saute in garlic, tomato, mixed seafoods, French beans in light pomodoro sauce) – ₱230.00

Gamberoni Piccante Spicy (spaghetti pasta in garlic, olive oil, prawns, clams, pomodoro sauce and parsley) – ₱230.00

Pasta Alla Scoglio (spaghetti pasta in garlic, olive oil, prawns, clams, pomodoro sauce and parsley) – ₱230.00

Pasta Outtanesca (spaghetti pasta toss in anchovy, garlic, olive oil, capers, olives, oregano in light pomodoro sauce parmesan) – ₱230.00

Bolognese (spaghetti pasta in meat ragu sauce, fresh tomato, basil, pomodoro sauce, parmesan cheese & freshly parsley) – ₱230.00

Polpete (spaghetti pasta in meat ragu sauce, meat balls, basil, fresh tomato, pomodoro sauce, parmesan cheese) – ₱250.00


Gnocchi Sorrentina (potato pasta toss in olive, fresh tomato, basil in light pomodoro sauce and melted mozzarella cheese) – ₱220.00

Gnocchi cream based (potato pasta in garlic cream sauce, grainly mustard) – ₱230.00

Gnocchi Pesce (potato pasta, saute in garlic, olive oil, mix seafoods fresh tomato in light Pomodoro sauce & white wine) – ₱250.00
Cream Based Pasta

Carbonara (Spaghetti pasta toss in cream, parmesan cheese and parsley) – ₱230.00

Chicken & Bacon Alfredo (chicken loin salute in onion, mushroom, chopped French beans in light cream sauce, grated parmesan cheese top with crispy bacon bits) – ₱250.00

Formaggi Pasta (cream based pasta using six kinds of cheese; cream cheese, sharp cheddar, bleu cheese, cheddar, Monterey jack & parmesan cheese) – ₱250.00

Boscaiola Pasta (bacon, cream, garlic mushroom, chopped beans & parmesan cheese) – ₱250.00

Salmon & Cream Pasta (chinky salmon fillet in garlic cream sauce top with fresh chopped dill) – ₱300.00

Cremoso Della Pasta Al Pistachio (fettuccuni pasta in pistachio cream sauce) – ₱300.00

Olive Oil Based Pasta

Agli Olio Pepperoncino Spicy (spaghetti pasta saute in garlic, olive oil, white wine, parsley sprinkle with chili flakes & parmesan cheese) – ₱200.00

Vongole (spaghetti saute in garlic, clams, white wine & parsley) – ₱220.00

Mare Monte (spaghetti pasta saute in mix seafoods, olive oil, garlic, French beans and lemons) – ₱250.00

Salmon & Prawns Garlic Sauce Spicy (spaghetti pasta saute in toasted flaky salmon, prawns in garlic, olive oil, basil, and chili flakes) – ₱300.00

Tuna Garlic Pasta Spicy (tuna flakes, garlic capers, olives, sundried tomato, parsley & chili flakes) – ₱300.00

Pasta Melanzane (spaghetti in olive, garlic, fresh tomato, red onion, grilled eggplant, basil top with chunky mozzarella cheese) – ₱300.00

Oven Baked Pasta

Cannelonni (tube pasta stuffed with spinach & ricotta cheese baked in light pomodoro sauce top with mozzarella cheese) – ₱230.00

Classic Lasagna (fresh lasagna layered with meat ragu & creamy white sauce topped with mozzarella cheese) – ₱250.00


Lapu-Lapu Mango Salsa (pan-fried marinated Lapu-lapu fillet topped with fresh mango salsa served with creamy mashed potato) – ₱400.00

Pesce in Salsa Fresca (Lapu-lapu fillet simmer in olives, fresh tomato, olive oil, garlic, white wine and lemon zest served with mashed potato) – ₱400.00

Salmone Cartoccio (pan grilled salmon fillet simmer in garlic, lemon, potato, French beans, olives, prawns, mussels, white wine in light Pomodoro sauce) – ₱450.00

Fish & Chips (crispy lapu lapu fillet coated in beer batter on bed of fries, served with tartar sauce) – ₱550.00


Porkchop in Amaretto & Bacon Sauce (pan grilled porkchop in butter, amaretto wine, French beans, potato, water chest-nuts, side salad) – ₱400.00

Maiale De Agrodolce (crispy rolled pork belly glazed in a reduced balsamic vinegar topped with honey-cured bacon served with mashed or roasted potato) – ₱400.00

Porkchop Marsala (tenderized pork chop off the bone, breaded and cooked to perfection, simmer in marsala sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and dried thyme, served with mashed potato & side salad) – ₱450.00


Crispy Beef Ribs (deep fried marinated ribs glazed with smokey barbeque sauce & crispy onion served with mashed potato) – ₱400.00

Beef Shank Steak (beef shank steak simmer in bone marrow & mushroom gravy served with mashed or roasted potato) – ₱450.00

Osso Buco (braised shin or beef with carrots, celery, potato, Pomodoro sauce, mushroom, black olives, red wine, herbs topped with gremolata sauce) – ₱500.00


Chicken and Bacon (pan grilled chicken breast, saute in potato, French beans, honey cured bacon, mushroom, garlic, tomato, olives, white wine in light Pomodoro sauce, garnish with a side salad) – ₱400.00

Pollo Boscaiola (pan fried chicken breast served with mashed potato topped with truffle cream sauce and side salad) – ₱400.00

Parmesan Chicken (pan fried tenderized chicken breast coated in parmesan crumb served with pasta napolitana & lemon wedge) – ₱450.00

Cordon Bleu (tenderized chicken breast stuffed with chicken ham and mozzarella cheese coated in breadcrumbs served with mushroom gravy mashed potato and side salad) – ₱450.00


Beef Burger (grilled quarter pounder beef patty with fresh tomato, lettuce, cucumber, provolone cheese and caramelized onion top with our homemade dressing served with fries) – ₱170.00

Bacon & Cheese Burger (grilled quarter-pound beef patty with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, provolone cheese served with fries) – ₱260.00

Angus Beef Burger (grilled 1/3 pounder Angus beef burger patty with crispy honey cured bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, provolone cheese served with onion rings) – ₱350.00

Burger Bleu (grilled 1/3 pounder Angus beef patty with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, crispy onion rings, honey cured bacon, topped with melted blue cheese served with fries) – ₱380.00

Thin and Crust Pizza

Margherita Pizza (thin crust with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh tomato, dried oregano, parmesan) – ₱250.00

Pizza Capricciosa (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce with tomato, mushrooms, bacon, artichoke, green & black olives, parmesan) – ₱250.00

Vegetariana (thin crust in a tomato-based sauce with mushroom artichoke onion, bell pepper fresh tomato, basil, black olives, parmesan) – ₱250.00

Pesto & Sundried Tomato Pizza (thin crust in light tomato sauce topped with pesto, sundried tomato, black olives, parmesan) – ₱250.00

Mediterranean Pizza (thin crust pizza in light tomato sauce with garlic, capers, rosemary, anchovy, black olives, parmesan) – ₱270.00

Pizza Alle Melanzane (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, olive oil, grilled eggplant aubergines fresh basil) – ₱300.00

Pepperoni (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, parmesan) – ₱300.00

Hawaiian Pizza (thin crust pizza in a tomato-based sauce, mozzarella, bacon, pineapple, parmesan) – ₱300.00

Manzo Picante Spicy (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, chili flakes, bell pepper, mozzarella, spicy minced beef, parmesan) – ₱300.00

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, bacon, mushroom, mozzarella, parmesan) – ₱350.00

Gli Amante Della Carne (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, smoked bacon, pepperoni, spiced minced meat, beer sausage, and parmesan) – ₱350.00

Gorgonzola & Mushroom Pizza (cream-based thin crust pizza, mozzarella, sliced mushroom, parmesan cheese) – ₱350.00

Cheesy Garlic Pizza (cream based 12-inch pizza in cheesy garlic cream sauce, gruyere cheese, and parmesan cheese) – ₱350.00

3 Way Bacon Pizza (thin crust pizza in a tomato-based sauce with honey cured bacon, smoked bacon, crispy bacon bits, parmesan) – ₱400.00

Tedesca (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce with three kinds of sausages, mozzarella, parmesan) – ₱400.00

Jalapeno & Pepperoni Spicy (thin crust in tomato-based sauce, mozzarella, jalapeno pepper, pepperoni and parmsesan) – ₱400.00

Frutti De Mare (thin crust pizza with mixed seafood tossed in olive oil, parsley, olives & lemon on a marinara-based sauce, mozzarella) – ₱400.00

Pizza Royale (12-inch thin crust pizza in tomato-based sauce with bacon, beer sausages, pepperoni, olives, pepper, mushroom, pineapple, onion, tomato, fresh basil, parmesan) – ₱400.00

Formaggi Pizza (tomato-based pizza loaded with seven cheese; gorgonzola, sharp cheddar, cream cheese, provolone, smokey dutch, mozzarella, and parmesan) – ₱400.00

Three Pepper Pizza Spicy (thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella roasted pepper, jalapeno pepper, fresh bell pepper, topped with cream cheese and crumbled feta cheese drizzled with balsamic glazed) – ₱400.00

Pizza Delo Chef (12-inch thin crust pizza in light tomato sauce, and truffle oil based with fresh mozzarella, honey cured bacon, cream cheese, black olives, shitake mushroom and straw mushroom, parmesan) – ₱450.00

Pizza Alfresco (12-inch thin crust pizza served with fresh mozzarella, onion, tomato, pepper, artichoke, black olives, pineapple, pickled red onion, parmesan) – ₱550.00

Pizza Supremo (12-inch thin crust pizza in light Pomodoro sauce and overload toppings, topped with fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese) – ₱550.00

Pocket Pizza

Calzoni Di Magenta (folded pizza in light tomato sauce, smoked bacon, pepper, mushroom, basil, tomato & three kinds of cheese drizzled with walnut pesto sauce, parmesan) – ₱300.00

Calzoni Di Funghi (folded pizza in mushroom cream sauce, mozzarella, button mushroom, shitake mushroom with truffle oil & parmesan) – ₱350.00

Signature Dishes

Pistachio Crumb Salmon (salmon steak coated pistachio served with vegetable tartare, grilled tomato, creamy garlic and grainy mustard sauce) – ₱700.00

Tunisian Fish Stew (chunky fish fillet, prawns, calamari, mussels, seasonal veggies, white wine in light pomodoro sauce top with egg) – ₱700.00

Tuna Steak in Orange & Pepper Sauce (fillet of tuna in orange & pepper sauce served with seasonal veggies and side salad) – ₱700.00

Duck Leg Confit (crispy confit of duck leg top with foie graShanktter served with potato gratin and side salad) – ₱700.00

Lamb Shank (slow cook lamb shank reduced in aromatic red wine & seasonal veggies served with garlic potato mash) – ₱700.00

Saltimbocca (tenderized beef fillet wrapped in parmaham, simmered in marsala wine sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese served with mashed potato) – ₱700.00

Beef Parmigiana (baked tenderized beef fillet coated in tomato salsa & mozzarella cheese served with potato gratin and garlic confit) – ₱700.00



Assagi Platter (assorted cheese, onion rings, breaded mushroom, crispy battered prawns, and crostini, calamari and side salad) – ₱900.00

Portata Principale

  • Jack Daniel’s Beef Ribs (slab beef ribs glazed with JD smokey bbq sauce, served with side salad & 4 cups of rice, good for 4-5 persons) – ₱1100.00
  • Chick En Chips (4 pcs cornchips breaded chicken, French fries and 4 pcs spice rub quarter chicken served with 4 cups of rice, good for 4-5 persons) – ₱1300.00
  • Padellata De Mare (whole lapu lapu with prawns, squid, clams, cherry tomato, baked in lemon, white wine and light pomodoro sauce served with side salad and 4 cups of rice, good 3-4 persons) – ₱1400.00
  • Mixed Grilled Platter (fish, oyster, prawns, grilled squid, chili garlic crab, t-bone steak, beef ribs, quarter leg chicken, grilled corn & tomato side salad unli rice & free pitcher of iced tea) – ₱2700.00


Ice Cream (vanilla/strawberry) – ₱150.00
Pana Cotta – ₱150.00
Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream – ₱230.00
Blueberry Cheesecake – ₱250.00
Tiramisu – ₱250.00


Brewed Coffee – ₱55.00
Espresso – ₱70.00
Cappuccino – ₱75.00
Caffe Latte – ₱75.00
Macchiato – ₱75.00
Espresso con Pana – ₱80.00
Caramel Latte – ₱120.00
White Rabbit – ₱120.00


Rice – ₱15.00
Garlic Rice – ₱40.00
Mashed Potato – ₱50.00
Roasted Potato – ₱50.00
French Fries – ₱50.00
Extra Gravy – ₱50.00
Garlic Bread – ₱60.00
Cheesy Fries – ₱120.00

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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