From Balayan


The municipality of Balayan is located at the heart of Western Batangas. Its neighboring towns are Tuy on the north, Calaca on the east, Lian and Calatagan on the west, and the Balayan Bay on the south. Situated near the coast, Balayan was already the center of commerce and trade

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PINAPARES in Balayan: Restaurant Menu

PinaPares is located at 124 Palikpikan Street, Poblacion in Balayan, Batangas. The restaurant signage at the entrance makes it easy for you to find it. The facade is painted maroon and forest green (or dark green). Even from the outside, you will notice that the exterior dining area has a

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DAIJOUBU RAMEN in Balayan: Restaurant Menu

Daijoubu Ramen is located at Barangay 4, Palikpikan in Balayan, Batangas. The red Japanese-style restaurant cloth signage lets you know that it is indeed a place that serves Japanese food. You will immediately see the interior from the outside as the facade is very open.

CAFE SERAFIM in Balayan: Restaurant Menu

Cafe Serafim is located at Balayan Baywalk, Paz Street in Balayan, Batangas. The restaurant has a textured facade brought about by the bricks walls and columns. The classic neutral colors of bricks are varying shades of brown, accentuated with white. Plants and tables are placed outside for those who enjoy

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