DAIJOUBU RAMEN in Balayan: Restaurant Menu

Daijoubu Ramen is located at Barangay 4, Palikpikan in Balayan, Batangas. The red Japanese-style restaurant cloth signage lets you know that it is indeed a place that serves Japanese food. You will immediately see the interior from the outside as the facade is very open.

The bottom half part of the walls is painted black and red, while the upper portion (extending to the ceiling) is painted white. There’s also an animé and Japanese manga-inspired mural that covers the upper half portion of a wall. The tables and chairs are made of wood material and the flooring is that of glossy tiles in firebrick red shade. The ceiling is accentuated with black mesh lamps.

Daijoubu Ramen’s specialty is obviously Japanese food, with Kura Ton Ramen as the most popular in the menu. For inquiries and order pick up, you may contact the management at 0997 516 8745.

Operation Hour: 12 NN – 10 PM
Official Facebook Page: Daijoubu Ramen

How to Get There

From City Center:

Coming from Immaculate Conception Parish Church, ride a tricycle to Daijoubu Ramen. The fare is ₱15.


From Bus Terminal:

Coming from Pasay, board a San Agustin bus to Balayan. Get off at the Balayan bus terminal. From the bus terminal, take a tricycle to Daijoubu Ramen. The tricycle fare is ₱15.

Alternatively, you can ride a bus going to Nasugbu, then get off at Palico. From there, ride a jeepney to Balayan. Another way is to board a bus to Lemery, then ride a jeepney to Balayan.



Nori Kani Salad (Green salad mixed with tomato, broccoli, and kani. Topped with ebiko and sesame dressing and finished it off with nori) – ₱100.00

Crispy Potato Bacon Salad (Green salad mixed with tomato, broccoli, and kani. Topped with ebiko and sesame dressing and finished it off with nori) – ₱120.00


Tuna Mentai Roll (Japanese sushi rice with tuna and ebiko, topped with special Japanese mayonnaise) – ₱100.00

Golden Roll (Prawn tempura with cheddar cheese, drizzled with special Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce)

  • 4pcs – ₱100.00
  • 8pcs – ₱180.00


Kurai Yaki Gyoza (Minced pork with cabbage and onion, splashed with ginger sauce wrapped to perfection and with a nice finish of sprinkled spring onion – ₱75.00

Bonito Fries (Who wouldn’t love some fries right? Fried crispy potato fries drizzled with Japanese homemade sauce and topped with bonito flakes) – ₱70.00

Spicy Tebasaki (Chicken coated with our special homemade sauce, fried to crispy and sprinkled it with sesame seeds and some hot chili powder) – ₱110.00

Harumaki (6 pcs Japanese spring roll made from minced pork onion, mozzarella and a homemade sauce. Dipped up to our special curry mayo and enjoy the burst of umami) – ₱60.00


Classic Tonkotsu Ramen (Fresh homemade noodles, topped with urage, moyashi, negi, bara, chasbu, tamago, and naruto. A collaboration of the finest ingredients that will definitely create harmony inside your mouth)

  • Special – ₱120.00
  • Additional (nori, whole egg, 3pcs sioma) – ₱140.00

Kurai Ton Ramen (Kurai means spicy. Tonkotsu as the stock with homemade noddles, topped with negi, moyashi bara chasbu, half tomago, and naruto. We spice it up a bit by adding specially made spicy minced pork. We added our burning passion in this dish and serve it to express)

  • Special – ₱160.00
  • Additional (nori, whole egg, 3 pcs chasu) – ₱180.00

Nin Niku Peppa Ton Ramen (Pork bone soups stock with homemade noodles. Topped with nedi, kikurage, bara chasbu, half tamago, and kuro pepper. But the real factor in this dish is our fried niku oil. We pour our innovative minds to create a remarkable taste you will surely love)

  • Special – ₱160.00
  • Additional (nori, whole egg, e pcs chashu) – ₱180.00


Pork Shogayaki (Pork loin with shredded juice cooked with our special ginger juice and special homemade sauce. Paired with rice and cabbage garnish. A Japanese vibe in one plate) – ₱140.00

Pork Katsu Curry (A very generous pork loin cut together with our own traditional Japanese curry mix. Perfectly paired with rice and mixed vegetables. You don’t need a passport to travel to japan, let out dish take you there) – ₱160.00

Chicken Katsu Curry (Chicken breast fried to perfection fused with traditional Japanese curry. Paired with rice and mixed vegetables. A taste of japan in a sizzle) – ₱160.00


Cheesy Parfait (A sweet collaboration of mixed fruit, corn flakes ice cream and whipped cream. Topped with sprinkles and wafer stick. A blissful combination of balanced sweetness) – ₱70.00


Spicy Boiled Gyoza – ₱75.00
Cheesy Baked Gyoza – ₱130.00
Cold Vegie Noodles


Sizzling Sisig – ₱100.00
Spicy Pork Ribs w/ Rice – ₱150.00


Dragon Roll

  • 4 pcs – ₱120.00
  • 8 pcs – ₱200.00

California Maki

  • 4 pcs – ₱120.00
  • 8 pcs – ₱200.00
Mango Kani Sushi

  • 4 pcs – ₱120.00
  • 8 pcs – ₱200.00

Rice Bowls

Spicy Bara Chasu Rice – ₱85.00
Teriyaki Bacon Rice – ₱85.00
Tori Katsu Rice – ₱85.00


House Blend Iced Tea

  • Glass – ₱20.00
  • 1L Pitcher – ₱150.00

Cucumber Juice

  • Glass – ₱20.00
  • 1L Pitcher – ₱150.00

Mineral Water – ₱12.00
Coke 300ml – ₱16.00
Sprite 300ml – ₱16.00
Royal 300ml – ₱16.00
Strawberry Jelly Smoothies – ₱50.00

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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